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A telephone information service                                                                                                  The S.E.E. Center has information on services for Deaf children nationwide. In addition,  questions  about communication and deafness can be answered or referrals made to  appropriate sources.
A parent information packet  We provide basic introductory information about deafness,  communication and resources.
Helpful questions for parents                                                                                                        Lists of questions parents may wish to ask their child's audiologist, school, speech therapist,  etc.
Sign skills evaluations and workshops  These are available by request to individuals, schools, school districts, and parent groups.
Media  Informational videotapes and DVDs emphasizing early medical and educational needs.

The E.S.S.E. was developed to provide a means of identifying the dominant signing style of an individual and to provide meaningful, helpful feedback on areas of strength and areas in need of improvement. It provides an overall expressive skills rating as well as information on the type, level, and degree of understanding demonstrated receptively for both English-related signing and signing in American Sign Language.

Since 95% of the parents of hearing-impaired children are hearing persons with no previous contact with deafness, the challenge of helping these families communicate with one another is a great one. The first few years of a child's life are vital in establishing  parent-child rapport and communication. Many new parents do not know what to do or where to turn.  We can help!    Click HERE to view      

Like many ideas, SEE was born out of a sense of frustration with existing methods and the poor educational levels of many of the deaf and hard of hearing students we encountered in our teaching and interpreting careers.  We brought our personal and professional perspectives to the drawing board and SEE was founded. The Signing Exact English text was our original product. Browse our expanding teaching and learning materials for SEE.

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