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Is SEE hard to learn?
Signing Exact English (SEE) is a sign language system that represents literal English.  It is a tool to make visible everything that is not heard. Since American Sign Language (ASL) has different vocabulary, idioms and syntax from English, SEE modifies and supplements the vocabulary of ASL so children can see clearly what is said in English.  Learn More
An article has been recently published about "The Importance of Morphemic Awareness to Reading Achievement and the Potential of Signing Morphemes to Supporting Reading Development". It was published by Oxford University Press in January 2011.
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Not at all!  Families who begin learning when their child is a baby can learn basic vocabulary and English sentences.  Their vocabulary grows as their child grows.  It is always beneficial when there are sign classes they can attend and other people to practice with.  It is like learning any other new physical skill–if you want to learn and are willing to practice, the skill will develop.

The SEE Center provides quality training and support for those who use Signing Exact English. On this website, you will be able to find upcoming workshops and testing sites that are happening in your area and around the country. Please also join us on our Facebook page.  We look forward to seeing you at a class or skillshop in the near future.

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