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NEW!!  Locations and dates will be determined as demand develops.

This Skillshop is for those teaching or wishing to teach S.E.E. classes.  Students will actually teach the classes themselves, giving them the opportunity to exhibit, videotape, evaluate and be evaluated for their skill in teaching the various topics necessary to fully deliver   S.E.E..  These would include philosophy, rules, vocabulary, components of sign language, comparative qualities with ASL, games and other aspects of the total picture.  Each participant should bring whatever s/he uses as teaching tools to share.  

To be gained from this Skillshop:

*Please note that in order to be certified as a S.E.E. instructor an individual will have to:

1.  Have completed the E.S.S.E:T (this is for teachers) or the E.S.S.E.:I (for interpreters) with a suitable rating in both expressive and receptive areas.

2.  Be judged satisfactory by the reviewers of the efforts of the individual during the training session. These results will not be immediately available.                                                              

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