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Meet Our Skillshop

All instructors are experienced, trained teachers of Signing Exact English and include:

Kathy Bodewig: Experienced educational interpreter at the elementary level and community college instructor. Also does freelance interpreting.

Pam Boswell: Experienced interpreter at elementary and secondary levels.  Private practice interpreter and consultant, RID and NAD certified.  Has conducted workshops and training at both state and national level.

Dennis Davino: Experienced educational interpreter, teacher in programs for deaf and hard of hearing, and has conducted national and international seminars.

Jill Ellis: Director, Center for Early Intervention on Deafness, Berkeley, California.

Alisa George: Experienced ESSE certified interpreter and instructor.  Has worked at elementary & secondary levels. Coordinates and teaches all S.E.E. classes for Family Conversations and Seattle Children's Hospital.

Susan Goodwyn: Experienced educational interpreter, teaches sign language at Wichita Sate University.

Gerilee Gustason: Co-developer of S.E.E.; retired coordinator of San Jose Sate University teacher preparation program for teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students, former professor at Gallaudet, mother of a deaf daughter.

James Kilpatrick: Assoc. Professor of Spanish at MO. Southern State University in Joplin; trilingual video relay interpreter; educational interpreter primary to university levels; medical interpreter; experienced SEE instructor; supervisor of Spanish medical interpreter interns and supervisor of foreign language teacher certification K-12.

Debbie Krupinski:  Speech and Language Pathologist using total communication at preschool and elementary levels for twenty years.

Malina Lindell:  Daughter of Deaf parents, Teacher of the Deaf, Interpreting Program Coordinator and educational interpreter with experience from preschool through post-secondary.  RID's CT, CI and Ed:K12; from Pendleton, Oregon.

Barbara Martin:  Experienced S.E.E. instructor and educational interpreter.  Also does freelance interpreting. Mother of an adult deaf son.  Active in legislative efforts to improve the quality of education for deaf students.

Kathy Maxwell:  Career/vocational specialist for deaf and hard of hearing students, community college instructor, conference presenter.

Mary Pat Moeller:  Director, Center on Childhood Deafness, Boystown National Research Hospital, Omaha, NE.

Susan Morgan:  Resource teacher of deaf and hard of hearing students, community college sign language instructor and presenter at education conferences.

Mary Shifley:  Teacher of the deaf, RID certified interpreter, sign language instructor.

Patrice Stephenson:  Experienced S.E.E. instructor and educational interpreter, mother of a deaf son.

Linda Taylor: Works for ATECH Services as an educational consultant to teams with students who are deaf/hard of hearing.

Sue Tellez:  Teacher of deaf and hard of hearing students and community college sign class instructor.

Susie Ternes: Audiologist, sign language instructor, educational interpreter, sibling of a deaf adult.

Carol Turner:  Experienced educational interpreter and community college instructor.  Has conducted national and international seminars.

Esther Zawolkow:  Daughter of deaf parents, co-developer of S.E.E.; experienced educational interpreter.  Has C.S.C